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We want to provide an inter- and cross-disciplinary platform to present the most current information and insights on bioelectronics in medicine. The event will cover the most important concepts and ideas to educate and inform on present day and evolving technologies technologies as well as advancements in their innovative applications. From technologies that optimize operations around the interfaces between the electronic and biological systems, to those that improve the patient outcomes, we are seeking presentations that will showcase solutions to current challenges in biomaterials, organic electronics, neural interfaces, and implantable devices that will be key to the development of new bioelectronic microsystems.

Running concurrent to the exhibition is an array of technical sessions specifically to provide engineers and engineering management with the most important advances in this emerging area of medicine. This is an excellent opportunity to share how you addressed a certain issue by implementing a new technology, or using an existing technology in an innovative way.

Key Topics

  • Implantable wireless microelectronic systems
  • Noninvasive bioelectronic devices
  • Electrode-Neural interfaces
  • Modeling & simulation techniques
  • Electronic signal treatment for therapeutic applications
  • Remote biosensors & biosensing of biosignals
  • Flexible electronics for peripheral nerve interfaces
  • Novel materials & manufacturing techniques
  • Biocompatible & flexible packaging
  • Data transmission, storage & power supply

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Showcase your findings with world-renowned experts, receive constructive feedback and collaborate with colleagues. The event is offering enormous business potential for your work and make your mark in this sector!